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Ads by SitesAds - Beta 0.7! - Webmasters -
Get Started In Two Steps:

Open Your SitesAds Ad Generator
             Create your ads.            
             Copy and paste your ads code into your web pages, save and upload.

             Download and save your click_ads.js file (plain text version)
             Edit your click_ads.js file, insert your unique affiliate codes, save.
             Write any new ads or edit default ads in your click_ads.js file, save.
             Upload your click_ads.js file to your your server (more).
You Are Done! Your Custom Ads Are Running!

Feed Your Ads With Ads From SitesAds Programs:
Make sure you are signed up for the SitesAds recommended affiliate and monetization programs and have your unique affiliate ID codes noted. You simply replace the default SitesAds affiliate ID codes with your own affiliate ID codes with a simple search and replace in a plain text editor.

Recommended Programs: - Huge selection of products, SitesAds Preferred Program.

888.Casino - Casino, Poker, Gambling. SitesAds Preferred Program.

LinkShare - Huge selection of affiliate programs. SitesAds Preferred Program.

Runbox - Email - Email Hosting - Webhosting. SitesAds Preferred Program.

ClickBank - Digital products retailer,

JoeBucks - Remedy product sites.

ForexAffiliate - Forex trading.

AllPosters - Posters - SitesAds Preferred Program.

            HUGE LIST Of Many Many More Great SitesAds Monetizing Programs...

SitesAds is run by webmasters to leverage and diversify work done on various ad networks and affiliate programs.

Thank you for using SitesAds! Please help spread the word.

Why SitesAds?:
- Users watch the standard text ads formats.
- Text ads copy written by webmasters often better than advertisers ad copy and artwork.
- Combat ad blindness
- Better end user action conditioning
- More technical freedom
- Split test
- Better CTR
- Simply more freedom!

Sample SitesAds Usage:
- To highly monetize specific programs to specific audiences
- Niche marketing
- Specific ad marketing
- Testing purposes
Testing copy
Testing specific ads
- Site traffic building
- Arbitrage
- Explicit content
- Gambling content
- Adult content
- Content not allowed on other programs
- Banned websites
- High risk websites
- Websites outside USA
- Annonymous websites
- Sites where SitesAds monetize better than other networks.
And much much more...

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